Friday, 4 September 2015

The Promise continues...

As I have established, it requires the careful synthesis of elements and features in the design, in order to create a fun, engaging and interesting experience, when making a board game or any other type of game for that matter, an act I have likened rather reasonably to art. Art becomes when style and aesthetics are successfully wielded into a form of grace and elegance, that is as yet functional. Art is in the process, when the expression of the design is achieved in its highest state, while by the guiding force of a person's sharp sense of aesthetics, reveals great skill in the undertaking, a breathless execution of consummation that almost seems intuitive. The mechanics could be distinct and separate, but by their interaction is birthed a cohesive and complex game design, of structurally-sound mechanics and the all-important engaging battle system. I would even go so far as to say that the complexity of the game is the crux on which is built its level of engagement, leading to the elegance and sophistication of its design. That complexity itself lends some form to it being interesting and fun, allowing for a wider scope of actions and decisions made within the dimensions and layers of the game. And the fun is in all the possible imaginings of such decisions you can take, the very interest of the game is in how it plays, basically the allowance of the level of interaction you can have with it, which is of course the core purpose and means of substance of a game, being the interaction of what you can do within it, through actions and decisions of strategy. Also, please do note that to agree with the propositions made in the earlier article, we need to rouse that 0.01% of the world's population that potentially play board games, to buy into mine, which is very much the meaning of this blog. If I get rich, you get more games, as my company grows in interest and investments.

I am not entirely sure how stocks work, but I suppose that is not of strong concern, given my creative ability, which I have down into a science. It is about the power of observation, of noticing and not ignoring the details, having the perseverance to have the sharpness of eye and mind to have a constant track of the many details invoked and assimilated by both experiential exposure and internal deliberation, while at the same time, holding a cohesive "whole picture" of the proceeds. Who says it is impossible to do both together? Not many know my secret life as an idealist, who constantly thinks and dreams of the formulation of ideas and plans, sometimes at a level that many might consider unrealistic, and for me to return to ground zero, but this is of course a very shallow view of the thinking and formulation process. A very two-dimensional view in fact. Just like being able to keep notice of the details that form the structure and substance of the work, while at the same time having a complete picture of it, "looking at the woods instead of just the trees", the question to ask is not whether it is impossible, but which is superior. And I have to say to know and notice the woods is to have you notice the trees as well. They come together, why divide and compartmentalise your thinking and formulising ability? Thinking in this "duality" is more a show of ignorance than anything, and for any that are in executive positions, and are successful in their endeavours, they should have some level of comprehension of the real deal when it comes to any work, to be beyond this dualistic thinking that one cannot have the other extreme. They probably are unable to describe it, or have never given thought to do so, which is of course a function of laziness, and a lack of accompanying awareness. This is part of what makes my feats so incredible.

And do not all works start off exactly as that, as ideas as well? So what I claim to those who have tasted the weakness of becoming "practical", in the face of the challenges of life, is that I have a strength, mostly remarking of intelligence, of my ability in realising those ideas into the exterior. Nothing is too imaginative, that is beyond my ability to express. This idea presented by those who suggest themselves as "realists", of whom I know of a few, are actually idiots. This is intellectual weakness, to suggest that to be grounded, it becomes impossible as to define as unrealistic, the approach of the idealist. To be honest, why is this even an issue? I have made some fair mention of it, in explanation of its cause, and that is because of a loss in coming to terms with the harshness of Reality, in which a certain fear or apprehension is created, forcing people to adopt the idea of being "realists", and deceiving that it is the most practical function, "grounded in practicality", and then they cease to dream too high or far. This is of course a severe lie, and more to do with the person being unable to reach such a realisation of potential.

It is for this that I say I am an idealist that is able to realise the idealistic approach of such into the concrete and practical of the realist, in this way being a true realist in realising and accessing a ceaseless and vast imagination, our birthright to Reality. By other remarks, I have merged the best of both, and dissolve the experience of duality seamlessly, achieving a true coherence with Reality, being a wholeness without any lasting dichotomy. For me, the two approach come together. I am both realist and idealist. And at this point, I realise quite well, the true form of what is interesting and fun, and that is "intelligence". The intelligence of operations, being the choices and actions wielded by the player, that allows for a satisfying mental exercise, absorbing the player and involving them deeply within the gameplay. The stimulation of what is fun and interesting appeals to the mental faculties, for reason of the ingenuity of the designs creating an experience of such involvement, realised by the great plays possible within the synergies and intricacies of the game, that evolves into a seamless play which tests and stretches the ability of the players at it, allowing a very fine appreciation of the game, encouraging especially at the higher levels of competitive play, displays of such tactical finesse, again a stimulus from cerebral activity, and when engaged at that level, reveals the great depth and many-layered dimensions of the game.

And true to my claim of being an idealist that can manifest and realise like a realist, I just had another brainwave for a new board game. Again, this board game was inspired mainly from watching an online Youtube video tutorial on Twilight Imperium (3rd Edition), and it also holds roots to Nexus Ops, borrowing from the same Turn Structure mechanic, almost entirely intact. Is this incredible, that I began a blog for one board game idea, and delayed mention of the finer details of it, only for an entirely new idea to be formed, right at the article that was supposed to finally address the first one? We will address each in sequence of inspiration. And to be honest, there has been many, many of which have suffered the loss of being, well, lost. Lost to memory, but recoverable, for I take only the best, and there are means beyond the norm or the ordinary, to resurrect such lost creative germinations within the thought-streams of the time of my past, within the remembrance of my conscious mind. This is the resort I must use, for I have contemplated and conceived of far too many things, for the rather modestly-sized brain matter I have, to keep complete track of every minute detail, within the complex processes that attempt to house such dense thought-matter. I have been working tirelessly, more of within the mind than of outside it, that has led me to say since my youth that I live within more than without. No human can safely speak of an understanding of me, given the many machinations and deliberations of investigative thought I have endeavoured, of which they have no way of knowing, since most of my interactions with Reality happen behind the veneer of form and appearance.

Interestingly, my own investigations have given me the weapon gained from mere observation, my power to profile others. While others have confessed to not understanding me well, I have these great eyes of insight, for which by my standards of qualification, strip away the mere presentation of their true character and personality. I have of course a track-record of high success to back that up, the score I have been given on my average success is 8/10. The highest I have gotten for the accuracy of my profiling is 9/10. And this is a skill I acquired, although the potential was always latent, and that I can TEACH. Not for free though, nothing is nowadays, not even spiritual help. The same can be said for my games, but really, these are masterpieces of art, and deserve every bit of the costs that come with them. I am not saying just mine, but it is my opinion that games are the very pinnacle of that expression, given the levels of effort required and the procedures that go behind their actualisation. A part of me at this point do realise that I failed in fulfilling that promise from the previous article, but hey, at least you get to know there is another board game in the works, which I will restate as to be inspired from both Twilight Imperium and Nexus Ops. Ciao, once again, of which I accede for your kind tolerance and patience for the unveiling of something promised for some time already, and anticipated as such. It will come, or it has indeed begun, with the revelation of the details of the first Faction, The Civilisation of Humanity. With its name announced, I won't be able to avoid writing about its description at last, and this teasing game will cease. Promise.

There is no such thing as a realist, only one who is incapable of realising grand ideas.

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