Thursday, 20 August 2015

And so it begins...with an About Me clarification...

...let this be the statement of my resolve towards the establishment of the inevitable, by a firm and resolute gesture of underlining the esprit de corps of the terms of our founding, for which I reiterate my Introduction.

Hi, I am starting this blog, as my first venture towards the establishing of my future games company, that WILL DEFINITELY EXIST. I am starting this as a design blog, to have people warm up to me before I break into the scene, or market if you were to ask. I will be using this platform as a device to generate hype for ideas that I have, by leading you through the thought processes of my many designs, which at this point are largely of the genre of board and card games, mainly because I haven't gotten my programming degree yet. And I assure you, I have enough of those too. This serves two purposes, the first being already mentioned, to generate the hype and interest in my future and up-and-coming works, while the second is to give a guide through the working process of my designs, as a topic of interest, and almost as an education, of what goes on in the minds of creatives, again having people acclimatise by my entry and appearance on the international scene, and gaining at least some familiarity and even rapport with those who are purely motivated by the idea of living through our passion, and see no higher engagement other than designing for a living.

And to support my claim of my own ability in this arena, let me just say the one thing that determines the ability of a creative designer, in intellectual as well as creative terms, for which by my remark, you will gain genuine proof: and that is their GOOD TASTE. You will see more of it, and hopefully, you, of a similar persuasion and like-minded spirit, might be keen in working with me, in view of how you might come into interest from what you have come to understand of me and my works, through the elaborations of my design approaches, within this blog. For the future, for which Fate speaks and Destiny beckons, and for Insha' Allah, let it be, that let the best come together, for the sole reason of living for design, and to a lesser extent, designing for a living. In my fair eyes, there is no greater fulfillment than that.

You had to come here. I had to say it. To the best board game ever.

...Creative, Artistic and Wise, the very ingredients for design success and intelligent financial decisions.

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