Thursday, 20 August 2015

Before it begins...a little history, some lore, and a lot of background.

As with history, lore and background, all of which have roughly similar nuances, it speaks of one of the trends of my life, of an incredible acuteness towards the notice of such nuances, that by their content and innate substance, has led me in certain partiality, towards the deepening and development of my own creative prowess. Add onto that the working of efforts in developing my linguistic finesse with the language of my love, English, in which I have come to possess a myriad arsenal of expressions in every (nuanced) form, arming myself with the means to write in many stylistically differenced ways, having no singular way of writing the same thing. A feat that has both been hindrance and strength during my formational years, when it left me uncertain on my approach towards the writing of certain exam essays. It is a case of a lack of being accustomed to the efforts of exercising these abilities, in a way that reckoned their strengths, which really just required the assistance of time, and of course the many engineerings I have given focus to throughout my life, has given a drain to my limited lasting strength. Sort of like Kakashi who is a genius ninja that can only afford a minimal four Raikiris. I am like a burst cannon, powerful for a short instance, possessing however very little real stamina.

I have had many foresights throughout my youth, knowing that the efforts in working on the many gifts that I possessed, loved and adore, like the language of English, will serve in the ancillary capacity of faciliating my other strengths. To be honest, my first real creative forays began years ago, all the way throughout my childhood were scattered instances of the evidence of that creative gem within. I suppose the predilection for it was shown to be especially strong, around an age that many seem to associate free imagination as a common quality, but that branching several years from there, lose that creative touch. Who knows? It was already there, and may it be that the true genius came from how by several of my leading characteristics, of ambition, good taste and creative intelligence, and of course intelligence itself, I saw through my preferences and love for creativity, even more than just raw intelligence, I guided and fuelled, by the tenacious and the most resourceful of efforts, the engineering of the gifts that have become indivisible for me. And I will get back to the point of how pivotal English has been in facilitating the process.

I have to add a side comment here that, being a self-proclaimed linguistic expert on English, that my many conversations with women online, have shown me to be the better speaker of it, given most of them say a lot but don't exactly make sense. So much for being so-called genetically equipped for it. Also, I kind of feel I am disproving the idea that men think linearly and in boxes, given the many concepts I am juggling and cross-referencing with vague links across several paragraphs in some instances.

So, you get the basic message, and if you haven't, it is not your fault but I am releasing an autobiography in the near-to-distant future. Such a tough subject, my early life, given the many deliberations, the many creating, of the ideas of stories and game designs, that has led to a maturation, at this present age, of unprecedented skill at what I seek mainly to achieve in, of writing, designing and philosophising. This is my triumvirate. And I add one other crucial ability of mine, my vast knowledge of Spirituality, for which for several prime reasons, as you will soon know and understand, to be the great foundation on which my every other endeavour takes crux from.

True Spirituality, and true knowledge of it, always leads to a deepening of the soul and its experience, granting him the wisdom of knowledge that acquaints him with the true nature of Reality, of which primary purpose serves to have him understand not just himself better, but everything else around him, and this necessarily leads him to greater and more profound realisations and works. And for the reason this is achieved is because to know Spirituality, and the mechanic of existence, is to flower into an understanding of human nature, and upon that comprehension, true intellect follows, and the work within and without achieves a state of refinement from which the quality of thought reaches substance.

It is my many machinations, the deliberations and heavy use of gray matter, that has allowed the success of so many of my findings, as well as an increased intelligence and creativity. Both of which I believe I have yet to prove, but you can be sure with the coming posts, at an update of once a day if I so desire, (the suspense of), the material in regards to my creativity will be judged to have never left since infancy. Quite a retrogression, that. And I believe I first started my creative endeavours by playing with these blocks of wood when I was about 5(?), which led to one of my parents remarking that I am a budding architect, and it is true that at that point, and some many years after, I had some contemplation and ambition for that, but I always knew my best would be with story and game design.

That marks my creative history, spanning since an age when such notions were predominant, yet somehow leaves soon enough, especially in my country. Many of my countrymen struggle at basic articulation of this most beautiful of languages. (English.) So much is left to say, but I guess this is fitting for a basic outline of my creative progression and history. Take the gist as my true genius of me being my own "maker", which had special meaning during my many spiritual realisations back when I was 18, from contact with a Guru. I came to understand, for me at least, the convoluted case of how as I progressed in maturity, I came to a realisation of the many parts that constituted me, involved my own "making", and given the spiritual depth I was in then, it had special meaning in the idea that perhaps that's what they really mean, when they say to meet your Maker, but as far as I can tell, most people get on with life without much thought, deliberation or effort beyond the status quo. And I have to request that if you are not like that, we definitely need meet and work together, for, by the words of a wise sage: the greatest happiness in life is to associate with the good spirit (of like-kind) and the greatest misery is to know too much and yet unable to be detached. And boy, how well do I know that.

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